Ft Lauderdale Heat Pump Repair

ft lauderdale heat pump

Ft Lauderdale Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps are a new way of heating and cooling your Ft Lauderdale home. It is one of the best options out there for total climate control in temperate climates. Its strength lies in its history. You see, heat pumps come from traditional air conditioners. So to understand them, you must understand Ft Lauderdale air conditioning units, and how they work. After that you need to know, that we are the foremost installer of Ft Lauderdale heat pumps in the area. Given all of our experience and the great engineering behind our units, you just cannot go wrong.

How A Ft Lauderdale Heat Pump Works

As I have already said a heat pump works much like an air conditioner, and needs similar servicing like Ft Lauderdale air conditioning repair. So you may be thinking, ” how can something that cools cool AND heat my home?” Its simple. Air conditioners use a compressor to force a gas called freon into liquid form. this heats it up a lot. The heat is then allowed to dissipate via the condenser coils. As it nears the end of the cycle it goes through what is called an expansion valve where it is allowed to evaporate back into a gas. this gas cools the pipes around it which in turn absorb heat from the air in the closed circuit. The whole process then begins again. Have your system inspected and maintained or you might need Ft Lauderdale emergency air conditioning repair.
It is that process of evaporation that gives a heat pump its strength. When a heat pump needs to warm a home it simply reverses the flow of gas, causing the warm freon to heat the air inside and gather heat as it evaporates outside. A Ft Lauderdale air conditioning contractor like one of our employees are waiting for your call to install one of these units.

Heat Pump Service In Ft Lauderdale Florida

When you need your heat pump serviced you know who to call! We are the leading installer of heat pumps and we are also the best repair and service company in the area. We wont be out done in service, or undercut in prices. So call and talk with one of our knowledgeable associates about your heating and cooling needs today. our friendly staff will be happy to answer any of your heat pump related questions. We want your Ft Lauderdale emergency air conditioning repair business, and we want you our customer, to know how much we appreciate your patronage during these difficult times. Another option to the heat pump is a Ft Lauderdale dehumidifier is a great option of lowering humidity without turning your home into a freezer box. Ft Lauderdale Heat Pump Repair